ATTAC Support

' Selling products is easy. 
Providing Solutions is complex. 
Supporting such solutions is a challenge. '

At A & T, we understand that the solution implemented has to give you results. You need to concentrate on your primary objectives, when we take care of the solutions to run them. Hence we have a separate team ATTAC – A & T Technical Assistance Center, handling support. The TAC team is extremely efficient and your problems will be resolved to your utmost satisfaction. We have designed various support packages based on the needs and capability, which are described in detail in each of the sublinks.

Any support queries may be raised via Phone Call / Online website / Fax / email / Video Conferencing call to the ATTAC center detailed below and your support will be taken care of.



Sr.No. Support Actions Product / project is under warranty / AMC / OEM Service Care  Product / project is under Premium support,  If the call is for ON CALL support
1 Customer Support Manager  allocates call to LEVEL  B   – Product / Project Engineer      
2 LEVEL B – Trouble shoots remotely to find the problem and resolve.        
3 If problem needs onsite support  Deputes a Customer Support Engineer – LEVEL C – for onsite visit  Deputes a Customer Support Engineer – LEVEL C – for onsite visit  A) Sales sends quotation for on call support charges.
B) On confirmation, deputes a Customer Support Engineer – LEVEL  – C – for onsite visit
4 If diagnosed as hardware problem / software issues, LEVEL B coordinates with vendor for repair and / or replacement  A) arranges a standby
B) coordinates with vendor for repair and / or replacement
A) Sales sends quotation for hardware repair / software upgrades
B) On Confirmation, coordinates with vendor for repair / software upgrades. 
5 Problem scaled to Level A   – CTO      
If problem still not resolved, please send mail to for direct MD’s intervention.
  Phone 91 – 9443319894 (24/7 Support) 91452-2522241, 4392222  
  Fax  91 – 452 – 4210890    
  Video Conferencing Support :    
Check List while registering complaint
  Product name / Model       
  Product serial number      
  Physical condition       
  Problem at the time of complaint      
  Any action taken locally