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NCAST announced the launch of a new product, the HYDRA, for Lecture Capture, Lecture Preparation, Multimedia recording, web streaming and archiving. HYDRA is the top end model from the various range of Presentation and multimedia capturing Recorders from NCAST with 3 simultaneous streams, the first in the industry. 

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NCAST’s existing range of products include 12 models of encoders, a full-fledged CMS + On Demand Streaming Server, a cloud based CMS + On Demand streaming service for an end to end complete solution focused on the following market applications

1)      Lecture Capture in Classroom

2)      Lecture Preparation in a specialized Lecture Studio ) for preparing Distance learning and MOOC courses being offered by e learning organizations and Distance education departments of Universities.

3)      Performance Capture – mock trials for lawyers, short lectures, Students mock presentations in Business Schools,

4)      Corporate Event Recording – Chairman’s address, Corporate events, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.

5)    Healthcare Recording – Operation Theater surgery recording and ICU.

All NCAST products are designed and fully manufactured in US including all components.

NCAST’s Encoders are Presentation Recorder series – 12 models with different mounting options, recording and live streaming capabilities. Ncast also offers the industry’s best Live and Content on Demand streaming server with high end Content Management features built in – the Presentation Production Server. This is offered in 3 flavours – as a hardware server with software, software installed on to customer’s existing hardware server and as a Cloud service and is tightly integrated for automatic upload from NCAST’s encoders.

The NCAST technology is a comprehensive, fully automated and Education focused END TO END advanced solution than any other technology offering in this space.

Solutions using NCAST can be

1. Education –

  1. An implementation of Multimedia classroom Lecture Capture with Live and on Demand Webcasting infrastructure by an Educational Institution can benefit students for anytime, anywhere, digital learning giving them an edge over other institutions. Though as of now, leading institutions like IIM, IIT, and similar other institutions are implementing the technology, leading Medical, Engineering and Management institutes have also started to adopt this for various benefits.

Organizations like IISc implemented this solution 5 years back and are using it to a great extent. For a                  live experience of NCAST technology, a visit to IISc can be arrange don request. There are also more than 1400 recorded video lectures archived using NCAST solution at the link – where it is possible to select the files based on department, presenter, date, etc.

  1. E Learning companies – Several organizations including UNIVERISTIES are today creating e learning courses called MOOCs – ( Massive Open Online Courses ) and are forming digital libraries for streaming the course content live or on demand for students to access these anytime, anywhere. For this, multimedia lecture creation is done using NCAST and other AV products which are installed in a acoustically treated Studio set up.

2. Healthcare –  Two critical areas in healthcare can immensely benefit

A) Medical Colleges need their medico students to view the Operation surgeries. Since not all students at a time can actually view the surgery ( due to crowding around the Operation table ), the video of the surgery including the medical equipments like endocopy, C Arm, etc can be captured using NCAST Encode and transmitted to classroom / auditoriums for students to see clearly on large screens.

B) Large Multispecialty hospitals – Most of these hospitals need to record the surgeries of patients and stored in digital format in large servers which can then be referred back. They also need to train some doctors on certain specialized surgeries and conduct regular CME ( Continuous Medical Education ) programs. Our solution using NCAST is designed for this application.

      C) For hospitals less than 250 beds,  a VSTOR IV recorder can be provided for the above application.

3. BFSI – Banks are running short of trained staff and they need to train new recruits regularly apart from the need to train and re – train existing staffs. Our solution –      Multimedia classroom Lecture Capture with Live and on Demand Webcasting infrastructure using NCAST products can be used effectively for any corporate training needs.

4. Enterprises – Corporate today conduct several Corporate events, seminars, workshops, conferences, training programs, etc. which can be cost effectively delivered across the organization spread over the World using NCAST live streaming. Chairman and Top management’s address to the entire organization team can be done more often to be in touch with everyone.

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