Ncast Hydra


The PR-Hydra is the newest of NCast’s presentation recorder products. It is the first in the industry to record two full-screen layouts and create a composite layer. Previous NCast products have side-by-side window viewing. The new PR-Hydra has three windows, which allows for streaming of three different views while retaining the high-quality Presentation Recording




Use the three active windows to select various sources and display them as a dual-screen with synchronized playback and streaming.

Surgery       surgeon Patient data  close up surgery


Use the two high-quality recordings to edit or reformat the content. The bit rate can be modified to better stream on a lower-resolution viewing device while still providing high-quality recording playback and streaming.

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Record and stream the presentation from various input sources.

Hydra - rear


Three Window Capture and Streaming: The PR-Hydra has three live windows. A layout of PIP or Side-by-Side windows on the first stream/recording and a third window on the second stream/recording enables three-window recording and streaming applications.

Dual-screen Recording and Streaming: Use the two high-quality recordings to edit or reformat the content. The bit rate can be modified to better stream on a lower-resolution viewing device while still providing high-quality recording.

High-resolution, High Frame-rate Recording:

The recording of 1080p 60-frame/second progressive playback visual material provides for enhanced video clarity and the reduction of visual artifacts found in lower frame-rate recordings.

Record and Stream at Various Qualities: Supports up to WUXGA (1920×1200) input and WXGA (1280×720) capture and streaming capabilities. Retain full integrity of original image using motion adaptive de-interlacing.

Multiple All-Digital Inputs with Traditional VGA and Composite: The PR-Hydra is NCast’s premium recorder/streamer that supports both digital connections and legacy analog equipment. It offers a full input connector lineup with 3G-SDI, HDMI (2x), DVI-I, DisplayPort, VGA, and Composite, alongside output to HDMI or RGB. Dual balanced audio inputs provide for professional level recording of stereo sources.

Digital and Analog Outputs: HDMI digital monitor output and VGA. RGB or Y-Pb-Pr.

Three Compression Engines: Three hardware-based video compression engines allow the information coming from the camera and microphone to enter PR-Hydra and be translated into several different resolutions. It records the highest quality possible but streams the most efficient rate available for each individual viewing device.

Picture-by-picture Composition and Graphical Overlays: The compositing of presenter, presentation, alongside overlay graphic provides for a simple yet extremely useful set of layouts for recording and streaming presentations and lectures.

Huge Internal Storage: Dual-screen high-quality recording can be storage intensive. The Hydra system will save these presentations with up to 1TB of on-board storage using a hard drive or SSD.

Multiple Command and Control Interfaces: It is simple to control the PR-Hydra from the NCast Quickstart webpage and/or serial command systems. Use RS-232 control commands with buttons to just record and stream, or provide a robust set of controls for a more comprehensive control system.

Robust: Embedded Linux kernel for secure, crash-free operation. Disk- less operation for ultra-reliability. Green design, very low power.

Fully Automated: The Hydra offers fully automated scheduling, recording, work-flow processing and distributing. Scheduling is possible using the NCast Presentation Server, Google Calendar, or other iCalendar tools.

Archive: Archiving feature captures any source to the PR-Hydra for later download or remote viewing. It is possible to auto-upload to up to two destinations including the NCast Presentation Server, YouTube, or USB.

Video Viewing – Live or Recorded: Video plays on iPhone, iPads, Androids, Web browsers, Apple or Windows desktops as an H.264 MP4 file. It is possible to watch live or playback.

Internal Streaming Server: Up to ten viewers can view the live stream without an external server using a local Network.