Tely 200

Tely 200

Video Conferencing and Collaboration for Conference Rooms of Any Size

Tely is an enterprise-class, cloud-optimized video endpoint that is designed to facilitate team collaboration even in the small conference room. With its integrated form factor and cloud-based management, it is now possible to easily deploy into all of those rooms that have not been technology enabled today


  • Integrated 1080p camera designed for huddle space field of view

    • Horizontal: 76 degrees
    • Vertical: 47 degrees
    • 4x digital zoom
  • Dual or single display implementation
  • Content sharing via HDMI or WiFi
  • Two integrated microphones
  • Full duplex audio and acoustic echo cancelation
  • No computer required.

Simple to Use

Start meetings and share content instantly.

So easy that you can use video conferencing and content sharing quickly and frequently, even for impromptu collaboration. Just start a meeting with one-click from the calendar or directory. Share content wirelessly with Tely Share or via an HDMI connection.

While the majority of meetings occur in smaller rooms, these rooms are not typically fitted for video. Often, meetings that need video for optimal outcomes degrade to using voice only or inadequate PC based conferencing.  Adding video capabilities provides two key benefits to the in-room team collaboration. The ability to see the reaction of the remote party to what is being discussed as well as judging attention and engagement. Equipping manager cabins and small conference room with a video endpoint should consider the following:

  • In-room meeting information sharing and collaboration.

Having a large screen to display information from the participant’s laptop or tablet either connecting via HDMI or wirelessly will enhance the sharing experience.

  • Collaboration event evolves to an impromptu video conference meeting

Easy connection into the enterprise’s calendaring and reservation systems facilitates quick understanding of the room availability for impromptu meetings. Easy integration into both existing on-premise and new cloud based conferencing services allows participants to rapidly evolve the collaboration session to include a remote colleague or an external video participant for additional feedback.

  • Scheduled Video Collaboration Events

Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendar integration will allow participants to instantly join the scheduled meeting with one click from the in-room display. Features such as pan, tilt and zoom while required in a larger room to view all participants are not necessary for smaller huddle rooms. Dual displays however are critical for an effective video collaboration meeting to enable the continued viewing of the nonverbal cues on one screen while the content is being shared on the second screen

Simple to Connect

Works with any cloud-based video service out of the box.

Tely is designed to instantly integrate and connect to cloud-based video services. Connect with laptops, tablets, and other video conferencing systems at the click of a button.  It’s interoperability with Cloud Solutions makes it easy to connect – across offices, teams, platforms and devices

Tely is designed for easy connections with web browsers, mobile devices and traditional room-based video conferencing systems. A standards-based SIP endpoint, Tely works with cloud-based video conferencing service providers and on-premise solutions to integrate the experience seamlessly and enable instant video conferencing and content sharing.

Tely powers visual collaboration for the huddle space, working with partner solutions to allow users to:

  • Collaborate with multiple parties
  • Click to connect with laptops, tablets, and other video conferencing systems and cloud-based video collaboration services
  • Share presentations, documents and video files in real time
  • Hold impromptu meetings with internal and external users
  • Join scheduled meetings easily through one-click from calendar
  • Connect to customers and partners over video, regardless of what video platform they are using, including Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business users
  • Access additional third-party services such as H.323/SIP systems, telephone access, as well as advanced features for large meetings, recording/playback, and more

Simple to Manage

Remotely deploy and monitor Tely endpoints.

Tely Portal enables centralized cloud-based management. You can now remotely configure, update and troubleshoot each Tely endpoint.

  • Deployment

Tely 200 endpoints can be installed easily through a quick, guided setup process. Getting started is as easy as connecting to power, a display and a network.

  • Directory

Tely Portal’s smart directory feature automatically adds conference rooms to a corporate directory and auto populates a corporate or department directory and frequent contacts to the device. In one click, users can join scheduled or impromptu meetings.

  • Management

Tely Portal provides remote configuration and troubleshooting, performance monitoring and directory management through a secure browser based interface.

  • Security

Tely 200 endpoints connect over the Internet to the Tely Portal management center. Every connection utilizes SSL, ensuring your device access and data remains secure. Management through Tely Portal is independent from video conferencing connections and video conferencing data is not routed through Tely Portal. This ensures optimum video quality. Tely 200 endpoints can provide full video conferencing and data sharing functionality with no dependence on Tely Portal.