Simple, Affordable, Standards based Video Conferencing telyHD Pro is a revolutionary videoconferencing appliance that connects with standards-based video infrastructure, telyHD Pro comes with a service, providing multi-party videoconferencing with features normally only available with a heavy investment in video networking equipment.


Most Affordable product in the market

Call from Skype to your conference room

Call from Desktop / mobile from SaaS service providers

Works with standard Video conferencing system as well as Skype

Tely HD video conferencing system for 6 sites with 6 party MCU for under INR 4 lakhs.

multi call skype video conferencing example image

 All in one device:

  • Works with any HD TV (open HDMI port required)
  • No computer Required
  • No monthly fees
  • WiFi or wired internet connection
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom wide angle camera
  • Built in 4 micro phones
  • Built in web browser
  • USB for Keyboard, mouse, pen drive


  • Skype Certified
  • Video Mail – Record video message and play when remote participant not available
  • Photo Sharing from SD or USB drive on tely to tely call
  • Apple Airplay Support for sharing photos during video conference
  • Remote control using smart phone app
  • telyHD Audio POD Microphone and Speaker for large conference rooms

Pro Edition Additional Features

  • Industry Standard SIP Protocol
  • One year subscription to telyCloud, a cloud based service with firewall NAT traversal with AES 256 encryption
  • telyCloud supports 6 party Multi conferencing with tely HD Pro systems.
  • telyShare App supports Wireless Projector & PC screen share
  • Support for 3rd party Cloud based video conference bridging services such as Blue Jeans Networks.