VISIT Mobile Video conferencing


Picture1The portable
and easy-to-use
video conferencing device

VISIT is a unique robotic video conferencing solution designed and developed by A&T. The rpbptic pan and tilt functions of VISIT enable you to look around and converse naturally so you can see more and get more from your video calls. VISIT gives you the freedom to interact while video conferencing.

VISIT has a number of features that make it a must-have for any enterprise

Portable: Talk to your colleagues when you want no matter where they are. Simply take VISIT to the team. VISIT make it possible to be a part of the team even if you’re not there in person

Flexible: VISIT empowers you to converse naturally. With 3000 pan and 900 tilt capabilities, VISIT enables you to speak to everyone in the room

Cloud control: Get in control of your video from anywhere with any web connected device

Easy-to-use: The VISIT interface is designed to make your video conferencing experience more effective with features like QuickConnect via Facetime for remote login and “saved positions” for quick and convenient navigation.

Preloaded Sype: VISIT comes preloaded with Skype and ZOOM subscriptions enabling you to connect with Skype users anywhere in the world.

Versatile: Designed with Bluetooth LE, VISIT can be mounted vertically or in landscape mode.

Be with your team from anywhere: VISIT helps you maintain your presence in the office no matter where you are. It enables you to collaborate and be involved in every detail of your project with full control of where you look.

Picture3Flexible and versatile,
VISIT can be mounted vertically or horizontally

VISIT Mobile cart – Wireless mobile Video Conferencing

The VISIT Mobile is a wireless mobile Video Conferencing Cart for effortless mobility and interactive tablet video conferencing. The VISIT Mobile cart is a practical and cost effective telepresence solution that enables remote users to pan and tilt the camera using internet controls for a more natural telepresence experience.
The VISIT Mobile cart is manufactured using lightweight aluminum with smooth antimicrobial powder coat finish. It has a pneumatic height adjustment of 16”, a locking work surface and a hidden cable management tray.

Applications of VISIT

  • Sales teams can “bring the expert teams with them” to customer visits
  • Telecommuters login to their offices to stay connected with teams at their desks, in the conference room or anywhere in the office
  • Homebound students see lectures, participate in them and interact over distance learning
  • Physicians and families connect with ICU patients remotely