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Understanding Cloud Based Video-as-a Service (VaaS)

Video as a service

The cloud has transformed the way business is conducted on a day-to-day basis. It has opened a variety of avenues of improving the collaboration between colleagues around the world.  Office workers can now easily share documents, data, and ideas with people anywhere else in the world without the need for expensive IT equipment. By comparison, on-premise equipment can be severely limiting in terms of (a) the cost of initial set-up (b) the capability to increase capacity as the organization grows and (c) the cost of maintaining the set-up so it’s available when required.

After revolutionizing the way software applications, computing and storage needs of corporation are served, services in the cloud are now being used to greatly expand the capabilities of video conferencing.  In the process, it has augmented and simplified the functionality of the conference room.

In the world of mobile workers and BYOD, people would like to videoconference from wherever they are at a given time.  VaaS solutions are ubiquitous and extremely easy to use, no matter the device or location from which the service is being accessed. Participants simply click on a link or dial a number to enter the meeting. Scheduling a meeting is very simple, similar to the way meetings are set up on Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

One of the greatest advantages of cloud-based resources is their scalability. Exploiting the cloud, organizations don’t have to predict their requirements.  Resources can be expanded and reduced depending on the need of the hour. 

VaaS eliminates the need for expensive, on-premise video server equipment.  With a simple SIP Standards based device with an in-built camera that is connected to the VaaS provider, Videoconferencing capacity can be added or removed with complete flexibility depending on the duration, format and number of participants in the conference. This ensures that assets  are never underutilized and that there is never a lack of service.



VaaS has an advantage that is often overlooked but becomes critical as usage expands across the organization – the fact that the user does not need to maintain any video conferencing server or software.  Since the service provider maintains, upgrades and manages the services, users simply enjoy the freedom that the cloud provides.  As usage grows, this becomes a crucial factor in reducing the load on the IT Helpdesk.

Adding built-in support for 3rd party cloud services, such as Skype, Blue Jeans or Zoom, provides maximum flexibility to connect to disparate systems, from legacy room-based video conferencing systems to laptops to smart-phones to video conferencing appliances.

telyHD™ Pro Features                                                                           Tely HD Pro

telyHD™ Pro is affordable, simple to use, standards based video conferencing system that’s ideally suited for conference rooms and remote offices.  telyHD™ Pro delivers a high quality experience at unbelievably low prices ensuring quick ROI. Standards-based interoperability and integrated Skype support enable the telyHD Pro to immediately connect with millions of users today and ensures investment protection for tomorrow. telyHD Pro also comes with a one-year subscription to telyCloud™, providing multi-party conferencing without any additional on-premise equipment.

  • Standards-Based Interoperability
  • telyCloud VaaS Service
  • Skype™ Certified
  • Share Content with Remote Users
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Wireless Projector
  • Smartphone Remote Control
  • Built-in Web Browser
  • Speakerphone
  • Affordable