Acquisition, Recording, Broadcasting and Interactive sessions of live surgery from the OT to

With increasing specializations and super-specializations in the field of medical practice, it has become essential for students to get practical and live exposure to operations and other procedures conducted by expert Surgeons.  But such experts are few and the students are many.  Hence, colleges and medical institutions are faced with challenges: 


  • Students can’t be crowded around the surgical bed – increased risk of infection and visibility is minimal at best
  • Students in remote locations cannot benefit from unique surgeries doe by experts
  • Collaboration with expert surgeons in other locations is limited at best

Therefore, the need for a digital, visual that’s specifically designed for the OT 

Video technology has evolved to such an extent that it is now possible to record and transmit live, high resolution videos of a surgery along with patient parameters and instructions given by the surgeon while the surgery is being performed.

VOTI – a Digital Visual System that Acquires, Transmits, Records and Archives Surgeries Directly From the OT

The VOTIS has been designed specifically for both Medical Colleges and Hospitals

Share surgery videos: Medical colleges and Hospitals can now share super high definition surgery videos with any other institutions within the same campus or outside, benefitting hundreds of students

Digital Library: Medical students have access to hundreds of high resolution surgery videos through a digital library.  VOTIS indexes videos, allowing students to search for specific topics or Surgeons.  Additionally, these videos have patient medical data embedded in the videos. 

Collaborative consulting across geographies: Surgeons can have live 2-way communication with other experts anywhere in the World

All-round view: VOTIS captures not only Surgery videos but also images from various source – endoscopes, arthroscopes, surgical cameras, C-Arms, ultrasounds, etc, 

Record and archive: VOTIS records Surgeries digitally, indexes them and archives them.  These videos can then be accessed anytime, from any network and recorded in the HIS/ EMR/ EHR

VOTIS Benefits

  • For the Student: Students can access surgery videos at any time, from anywhere on a device of their choice. 
  • For the Hospital: VOTIS is a low cost, no frills solution that efficiently integrates with existing video and data systems in the OT, independent of the manufacturer, protecting current investments.
  • System Flexibility: VOTIS is modular, extendable and scalable with the option to integrate with Patient Data from HIS  
  • Easy to install and easier to use: VOTIS is designed exclusively for the OT to ensure that it does not interfere with regular OT procedures, yet giving close up videos. 


  • Conducting frequent CME programs and training 
  • Real-time interactive surgical skills training by an expert surgeon to medical students
  • Teleconferencing of a live surgery in real time conveying critical visual data to ICU 
  • Transmitting High end video to advisory surgeon during a live surgery. 
  • Archiving for Records and future reference. 
  • Creating Digital e-learning content readily without any post edits. 
  • Accessing the recorded surgeries on demand searchable based on Doctor, Patient or Date, anytime from anywhere over long years. 
  • Updating specialty clinics or ambulatory providers with surgical outcomes 
  • Operating difficult cases without referral to higher centers
  • Facilitating rapid information Exchange for Interdisciplinary cooperation and Research

Technical Features

  • Digital audio unobtrusive Wireless headset for the surgeon
  • 22” LCD Display (Optional Touch screen) 
  • Digital Audio System with Echo suppression
  • Built in speaker 
  • Multiple Video Connection and PC Connection sockets
  • Video Scalar Panel for transmitting high end video.  Trolley mount features 
  • 360 degree flexi movement of the PTZ Camera (with Trolley mount) 
  • Cr-Ni steel frame with Powder coated steel trolley

Technical advantages:

  • High resolution routing at up to 1920 x 1080p60 – ensures consistent, quality images at every display 
  • Routing capabilities for both analog and digital sources – adds versatility and flexibility, for growing needs.
  • Raw HD Format capturing – critical need for medical images. 
  • Multiple feed selection – select, display & record simultaneously up to any 3 video inputs from different sources. 
  • Project the 3 windows in 2 separate displays in the auditorium – surgeon, surgery & patient data, for clearer understanding
  • Perfectly synchronized audio – for effective communication. 
  • Remote diagnostic & Calibration features – reduce service downtime by quickly identifying issues and providing resolutions.
  • Unlimited user Client Licenses – No PC based User restriction
  • Communication & Recording in H.264 format 

Ordering Info
• VOTIS – CAST – One way live webcast, Record, Archive and on Demand webcast
• VOTIS – NET – Two Way Live Interaction,  One way live webcast, Record, Archive and on Demand webcast.
• VOTIS – VSTOR IV – Record in HD Broadcasting VIDEO quality

* Trolley mount / Fixed 
* High Definition / Standard Definition

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