Audio Video technologies are today merging with IP Network based technologies to deliver AV communications seamlessly over IP networks across the globe. Understanding  both Networking and A/V technologies is critical to fulfill any Systems integration projects in the AV over IP space. The three pillars of an effective AV over IP integration project are

1)Technology Networks, Hardware, Software, Audio equipments, Video equipments

2)Space Interiors, Environment, etc.

3)Content presentations, Info graphics, etc.

While Technology covering the entire spectrum is essential for an effective delivery mechanism, it has been observed that Space and Content also play a very critical role in the final experience of the audience. It is important that the technology provider designs and  coordinates with Specialized interior designers. Content of course is user driven but can be effectively developed to make use of the relevant technology incorporated for the audience experience. 

A & T in the above context

A & T has understanding of IP network technology since 1998 and Video technologies since 1999 and introduced Video conferencing in 1999 as a Network solution rather than as office automation product.

Processes at A & T are certified under ISO 9001 – 2008 since 2005 to offer a delightful experience for customers. This includes the Solution / systems design as well.

Human resources are the key to a successful implementation and technology support. The processes also ensures the competency of personnel as training, retraining, etc. are part of ISO system to ensure precise implementation and support. The training includes exhaustive internal training, on the field training and training and certification from product OEM’s. A & T’s engineers are trained at BICSI ( for networking ) and  Infocomm ( for Audi Video ), both of these organizations offer vendor neutral training and not specific to any one product.

A & T also runs a practice school concept ( second company in Tamilnadu to do so after TVS ) launched by CII in 2008 by which students from colleges spent 2 days a week for 2 years in our organization. This has enabled us to have a vast pool of industry ready engineers to offer onsite support to customers who actually need it in such large projects.

A & T is also a member of various organizations including MAIT ( IT hardware) , NASSCOM ( software ) and INFOCOMM ( Audio Video ). This gives the organization access to technical resources both in Networking and Audio / Video technologies and as well to software development companies for customer centric customization.

All these initiatives continue to enhance the technology capability of A & T’s personnel apart from the vast repository of technology and technical knowledge gained over the past 20 years.

With more than 300 smart multimedia classrooms and 40 high end integrated designed classrooms already implemented in coordination with specialist interior design organisations like the BECIL, A & T has the exposure to practical user experience and project implementation pitfalls which are now used continuously towards better project implementation strategies to add value to our esteemed customers. 

For more info, please free to email [email protected] for an insight into the technology and its impact on Education, Healthcare, and Corporate boardroom solutions.