When a leading apparel exporter in Mumbai started exploring ways to increase customer satisfaction, they were faced with a huge challenge! With a central design team and production facilities distributed across India, it became vital for teams to be able to review customer requirements at all stages of production. And they had to leverage their existing Video Conferencing systems.

VSTOR records Video and Voice calls permitting them to be replayed back from any location on any media player

"By Implementing VSTOR, we have not only been able to consistently meet customer demands but also been able to improve profitability by reducing rejection rates."

Rishi Rajani


The Client

One of the leading apparel exporters based in Mumbai has 14 offices in India and abroad. These include the Head Office, the Design Centre, Sales Offices and multiple manufacturing units spread across multiple locations.

With clients spread across the world, the firm caters to multiple requests in the form of design, material and patterns.

To improve communications within the organization and with customers, the firm had invested in Video Conferencing more than a decade back. This was paying off because Buyers, Sales persons, Production managers and Design teams could share information, material details and patterns more effectively than before.

The Challenges

Client satisfaction: Being one of the leading apparel exporters in the country, the Firm has customer across the world. As expected, the biggest challenge was to meet the unique demands of each customer, in terms of material, design and finish. Overlooking a simple request means rejection of the entire batch and a drop in customer satisfaction.

Miscommunication: With Customers, the Design Team and the Production unit being in geographically different regions, communicating specifications was over video conference calls and telephone calls. Miscommunication or misinterpretation of the details were common while finalizing the design.

Expensive rejections: Finicky customers reject entire batches for differences in even small details. Simple misunderstandings between the design and production teams was starting to have a domino effect: profits were shrinking, hence prices had to be increased hence customers were starting to look at other manufacturers

The Solution

Having already built trust in A&T Video Networks during the implementation of the Video Conferencing network, the Firm approached A&T once more for a solution to their problems.

A&T implemented VSTOR HD Recorders that record telephone calls and video calls in a secured storage in digital format. VSTOR enables users to create digital libraries that are indexed and can therefore be searched for.

With this, the Firm was able to record all conversations with Clients and then make them available to Design and Production teams at any location. Careful reviews of the calls became a norm which helped the Firm review and meet client expectations every time.

The Benefits

By cutting rejection rates to almost half, the firm was not only able to increase their profitability but also increase customer satisfaction dramatically.

As a result, they were able to even reduce rates for their key clients.

Today, not only have they been able to retain all their clients, but have been able to acquire new customers and grow their market share.