Established in the Year 1985, it is one of the most renowned Universities in Tamil Nadu. The 440 acre green and lush campus houses all the academic activities. The University has 34 Departments, 7 Centres and 2 Constituent Colleges on its campus. The Universities Vision is to achieve Excellence in all spheres of Education, with particular emphasis on ' PEARL' - Pedagogy, Extension, Administration, Research and Learning.

The Challenge

The most difficult part for the Distance Education Centre in the University was to deliver quality lectures to the students in remote end. Whereas, University had the best of faculties with rich content pertaining to their curriculum to share among students in rural areas, there was a wide gap in sharing those contents and resources to the underprivileged areas. The Vice Chancellor of the University wanted to remove the barrier and wished to provide equal access of education to the students in rural areas. At the same time they wished to have user friendly Content Delivery mechanism, which was convenient for the Remote centre to access from Desktop/Laptop with ease.

The Solution

Since A&T offers unique solutions and customizes according to the needs of its clients, people from University’s Technical Team and Visual Communication department approached us to prepare the lectures in video format. Normally most of the universities prepared such multimedia lectures using traditional studio setup with handy camera recorders, hand mics, etc. which are in raw analog format housed in a recording studio similar to the ones used in film recording with good acoustics which requires so many equipments and space.

A & T had already implemented Digital technology for video content preparation using next generation encoders in several reputed institutions across India. We offered E Lab cum Studio as a solution for capturing and recording the Lecturer session using NCast Product from US. The Capturing codec Telepresenter M4 is designed to capture lecture from Chalk and board, Presentation with Annotation, and archive the Lectures in H.264 video codec format. The High quality PTZ camera mounted on the ceiling helps to capture the Lecturer and the board session. The Interactive display and the Elmo Visualizer were used for capturing data content in digital format. The voice and video of the lecturer along with his laptop / PC screen into one single PIP video are recorded natively high quality digital format. We recommended to prepare the interiors of the studio with acoustics as needed but the space was less required and several equipments were eliminated.

The highlight of the Solution is that it does not only recording but also live streaming through a central server called the NWAY.  The captured content are uploaded to the Nway server for On demand streaming, which is readily available for the students to access anytime from anywhere from within the campus as well as over the internet.



A&T’s Lecture Studio solution has ensured that the students in the remote areas get access to specialized lectures delivered by the distinguished faculties. By archiving the lectures, the University has been able to develop their curriculum and give their students a world-class education. Because of the scalable nature of the solution, the college has ensured that its investment has been protected for the foreseeable future. Access to these lectures makes the student technology savvy and helps to learn at par with his urban counterparts.

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