Established in 1985, the college is one of the most renowned medical colleges in central Tamil Nadu. They offer Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral academic programs in medical sciences. They run 35 departments from a large campus that includes an 800 bed tertiary care hospital. The college’s vision is to provide medical education of international standards to train committed health-care professionals for achieving their founders dream – “Health for all”

The Challenge

As a step towards being able to provide this high level of education, the college regularly invites some of the most renowned medical practitioners and educators as their guest faculty and visiting professors. They wanted more of their students to participate in these guest lectures. But they were faced with a challenge. How to fit in so many students into their lecture halls that were not designed for the excess demand? How could they repeat the lecture once it was over? How could they build up their curriculum with these lectures?

The Solution

The college then approached A&T Video Networks to design a solution that enables them to both stream a video of the lecture and provide it on-demand to students to view at any time later.



Since A&T has been providing audio/ video and Lecture Capturing solutions since 1999, we were able to design an optimum solution for the college.  We worked closely with them to implement the three pillars of a successful lecture capture solution:

  • Technology:Networks, hardware, software, audio & video equipment
  • Space:Lecture hall interiors & environment
  • Content:integration of the lecture video and voice, laptop presentation, 3D objects, microscope images, whiteboard writing and info-graphics


A&T used NCAST Presentation Recorders as the foundation of the solution because its architecture is specifically designed for this kind of application.  With 8 encoders, one Central Content Management module and a Streaming Server, the solution can:


Now students are able to not only view the lecture live, but also view it from a digital library through the institution’s portal at a time and location of their choice. Since it is tightly integrated with their LDAP, authentication and security is assured. Because of the in-built smart indexing facility, students can search for a particular lecture topic or faculty or lecture date. Students use this when they have missed a lecture or want to reference or review it at their pace. 
The scalable solution can also be integrated with live surgery lectures from Operation Theatres using A&T’s VOTIS solution. In future, the college can also collaborate with other medical colleges and share these lectures with them on a need basis.


A&T’s Lecture Capture solution has ensured that the students in the institution are able to get maximum knowledge from the eminent professors and medical experts who visit the college. By archiving the lectures, the college has been able to develop their curriculum and give their students a world-class education.
The quality of the video stream keeps students captivated since it merges audio, video and multi-media streams – giving students the feel of being present in the lecture hall. 
Because of the scalable nature of the solution, the college has ensured that its investment has been protected for the foreseeable future.

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