One of the most renowned institutions established in 1994, the best B-Schools in India, Tamil Nadu. With spacious, self-contained backround, located amidst greenery, and providing a peaceful backdrop for academic endeavours.

Management students need to be effective speakers and need to present themselves well once they are in the industry. The institute approached A&T to implement a technology based solution in their collaboration room to monitor and train the students in this aspect. A & T had already implemented a video conferencing solution way back in 2005 and the Institute made effective use of Technology in Education that changed the face of education in their college premises and create more educational opportunities for the students and Faculties.

The College wanted to know the best possible ways to integrate technology in their Collaboration classroom in order to make students get more interested in learning with innovative technology. A&T designed a viable effective and stable Performance Capture solution. Today students are motivated to address the student audience and correction methodologies have been in place to train the students in presentation techniques.

The system is also being used by the institute for general classroom lecture recording which is useful for students who have missed the lectures.