Web Conferencing

The current crisis the world is going through has created many innovations in the way people work and collaborate.  The number of people using web conferencing to connect with their colleagues has grown by  10 times.

Cloudline, the web conferencing platform developed by A&T Video Networks, delivers video conferencing solutions to improve the way people communicate and collaborate in all walks of life. Cloudline delivers practical and engaging solutions to Large, medium and Small enterprises, Banking, Financial Services, Pharma & Insurance companies , educational institutions, health care providers, Central & State Government agencies, and IT, ITES & technology companies across the world. The applications and real-world benefits of Cloudline are boundless.

  • Collaborate with audio and video across your entire organisation including vendors, partners and customers
  • Create meeting rooms for specific departments or for ad-hoc meetings
  • Collaborate on multiple fronts – whiteboard, polling, screen share etc.
  • Schedule meetings on the fly and notify participants through Cloudline or your preferred email client
  • Connect on any device from anywhere at any time
  • AES 128 bit End to end Encryption and SSL Protection.
  • No need to install special apps - use standard Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Auto generation of new Conference ID & Password for each meeting / webinar
  • Moderator determines who can share screen, be seen or heard by the other participants
  • Moderator can ban any participant and can allow banned participants to re-join.
  • Chat pre-moderation empowers Moderator to determine which chat messages are shared to other participants