Digital Traininig

Corporates need to continually train and re-train their employees so that they remain at the cutting edge of technology.  Such training is what makes the difference between a good employee and a great employee.  Solutions that make such training easy to deliver and access is the need of the hour


Training to be provided to employees at various locations

Standardized training needs to be repeated for various batches of employees

Employees need to access training at any time from any device

Trainings need to be recorded and stored in a structured manner

Selective access to be provided to recorded training programs

A&T Solution

In addition to crystal clear audio and video, a digital training platform needs to be able to broadcast, record, store and provide access to training videos.  A&T provides an integrated solution that allows corporate trainers to deliver training to multiple students at various locations at the same time.  


Our Gallery software allows employees to access these videos at any time, from anywhere and on any device of their choice.  This CMS allows corporates to store critical training programs for future access – saving tremendous amounts of time.  Access to these videos can be restricted by setting user access to create and view select sections.


Coming Soon...


  • SVC500 or Ncast
  • Presentation recorder
  • Brickyard Gallery CMS
  • Secondary cameras
  • Microphones
  • Interactive displays