Tele ICU

The face of th ICU is changing rapidly with advances in technology. However, one factor that technology cannot address is the shortage of Critical Care Specialists round the clock. Further, the Government is contemplating to make mandatory for the hospitals to allow relatives of patients to be able to see them in the ICU.


Beside nurses need to have real-time access to senior level intensive care physicians round the clock.

Senior physicians need visual access to patients in ICU/CCU/NCU/Burns wards and other sterile areas even from remote areas.

Patient's but risk of infection is high. Thus, the need for a user friendly telemedicine solution that's designed for sterile areas.

A&T Solution

VCU - A mobile Digital Visual Interaction System

The VCU has been designed specifically for hospitals to solve these challenges

Visual Communication: VCU permits real-time, two-way, face-to-face communication between nursing staff, patients and families in the ICU. This interaction provides important visual information that cannot easily be conveyed by Telephone, such as appearance of the skin, appearance of the patient's breathing.

Anytime, anywhere access: The physician can virtually be near the patient's bedside from anywhere and even zoom in to take a closer look at the patient or bedside monitors.

Designed for the ICU: Lightweight aluminium, hidden cable management trays, height adjustable arms and pan/tilt cameras make it easy to move within the ICU.

Integrated Patient Data: Further integration enables physicians to view graphical data from a monitor or flow sheet as well as all the interactive functions from even their homes.


For the Patient: Significant reduction in patient mortality rates, reduced length of stay, and better interaction with family.

For the Hospital: Reduced cost of operation, quicker and more frequent access to intensive care experts resulting in improved outcomes.


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