Patient Information Display System

Providing the right information to patient’s is one of the key challenges hospitals face today. Informing patients about which doctor is available for consultation, floor maps and generic knowledge about health are sets of information that is vital for patients. Providing such information in a clear and unobtrusive manner is critical to the safety and peace-of-mind of the patient.


Patients crowd around the information desk

Helpdesk personnel keep answering similar queries all day, every day

Patients need directions to consulting rooms

A&T Solution

The digital signage solution specifically developed for hospitals enables them to provide the following information to patients and attenders

  • Wayfinding signage
  • Hospital services offered
  • General healthcare tips
  • Staff training
  • Security and emergency response information
  • Welcome and registration information
  • Doctor list

The whole system is controlled by a content management system with centralized control. This enables the hospital to provide current and relevant information at various locations within the hospital


Coming Soon....


  • Indoor and outdoor displays
  • Content management and control system