Performance Capture

Performance Capture is the process of capturing the students performance from different angles, recording the same and reviewing it with students. 


Management students need to be effective speakers and need to present themselves well once they are in the industry to fit themselves into the competitive market.

A&T Solution

Students are engaged by asking them to address other student audience or a panel of faculties on a particular topic. Students also use interactive tools to annotate white board and share presentation content. This is captured with one or more cameras and recorded in a high resolution digital format. This is archived in a Content Management System with name, department and year of the student, the topic, and the date of the performance done. These captured videos can then be searched based on any of the given criteria and played back by the faculty along with the student in a mentoring session.


The mentoring session identifies the inaccuracy with regard to the students body gestures, postures, Facial expressions, communication and so on at the time of the students address and necessary insights and guidance is provided personally. The students can also review their own performance using their credentials for accessing their video anytime from anywhere on the campus network including from their mobile.


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