In the wake of the COVID19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Tele-medicine has been given legal status by the Ministry of Health. However, tele-medicine is more than just remote consultation. It involves the entire life-cycle of a patient’s interaction with a hospital or a doctor. It empowers the doctor to reach patients in remote areas and perform complete testing, diagnosis, prescription and reviews while recording the entire session


  • Connecting doctors to their patients remotely through audio and video
  • Getting the right information from the patient before making a prescription
  • Gathering patient’s vitals
  • Recording and retrieving patient medical records on the fly

A&T Solution

A&T has been leading the tele-medicine path in India for approximately 15 years now.  Based on years of experience, the A&T solution covers the complete gambit of tele-medicine.


Our tele-medicine platform enables hospitals to enroll doctors and patients into the system.  Once in the system, doctors can connect to patients remotely and do a complete examination.  The platform integrates with various medical devices so that readings are automatically relayed to the doctor in real time.  


This empowers the doctor to conduct a data-based consultation and make the right prescriptions.  At the same time, the system records the patients data in a secure server which only the doctors and relevant patient can access.  This makes future consultations easy to conduct since the entire medical record is available to the doctor at the fingertips.


The benefits to the people are:

  • Patients can interact with specialist doctor at the other end.
  • Practical, safe, time and cost effective.
  • Immediate access to medical specialists for second opinion.
  • Quality healthcare at their place itself.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment.

The benefits to the Doctors are:

  •  Effective and efficient use of medical and technological resources.
  •  Updating medical knowledge in various specialties through periodic referrals.
  •  Continuing medical education.
  •  Having the global medical community at the desktop.
  •  Enhanced Doctor-patient relationship.

 The benefits to the Tertiary Care Institution are:

  • Expansion of market share.
  • Training for healthcare professionals, hence organizational expansion of Services
  • Expansion of tertiary care network
  • Providing support for all review cases thereby enhancing the reputation


  • A&T tele-medicine platform
  • Integrated medical devices – ECG machines, digital stethoscopes, spirometer etc.
  • Camera with microphones and speakers
  • Cloudline web conferencing platform