Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom allows learners to attend a class from anywhere in the world and aims to provide a learning experience that is similar to a traditional face-to-face classroom. Educational institutions require innovative tools to enrich course, improve flexibility and attract the students and faculty. 

Today’s Educational institutions face growing pressures to:

Stand unique from other institutions through state-of-the-art technologies and communication tools.

Continue giving students access to outstanding faculty in the face of global instructor shortages.

Offer novel learning opportunities beyond what has traditionally been available on campus.

 A&T Video’s Virtual Classroom solution allows institutions to address all of these issues in a flexible, cost-effective, and ultimately successful manner. Based on A&T's Video Conferencing platform used by various institutions for the past two decades, we offer Virtual Classroom solution which blends audio, video, and collaboration capabilities into a single, comprehensive learning solution.

Lectures can be delivered to multiple classrooms from one classroom within a campus to accomodate many students to benefit. Classrooms can be enabled with Video conferencing technology poperly integrated with audio systems to attain this objective. 

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