Virtual Classroom

In their attempt to provide equal learning opportunities for students across various campuses and locations, educational institutions have set up virtual classrooms. Interactive classrooms that permit teachers in one location to conduct classes virtually at any location in the world.


Many educational institutions have campuses that are spread across locations – within and outside India. The main challenge is to provide equal learning opportunities across these campuses. In many cases, a particular campus will have the best professors in a specialization. How does the entire Institution benefit from this particular Professor’s knowledge? How does the institution ensure that students in various campuses can interact with and learn from this particular professor?

A&T Solution

A&T has set up multiple virtual classrooms across the country.  Our solution consist of a high-end video conference facility with displays, cameras and audio systems that ensure that the instructor in one campus can teach and interact with students across multiple campuses at the same time.

Each campus has a complete Virtual Classroom kit which enables the instructor’s presentation, and audio to be seen and heard across locations.  

Each classroom is also equipped with microphones so that the students can ask questions to the instructor

The teacher has displays on which the students in remote classes can be seen

Speaker tracking or PTZ cameras make sure the teacher is seen by students in all campuses.


Lectures can be delivered to multiple classrooms from one classroom within a campus to accomodate many students to benefit. Classrooms can be enabled with Video conferencing technology poperly integrated with audio systems to attain this objective. 


  • Video Conferencing
  • Display
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Document Camera
  • Interactive Touch Display Podium
  • Speaker
  • Amplifier
  • Audio Mixer