AVER VB342 Video Soundbar, while unboxing the product doesn’t give an impression of the towering power of the product, the system produces some great results. The box simply contains the product and some cables and connectors which you need for setting-up of the device. To be precise, the auxiliary products include, a 12V 5A power adapter, 1.8M USB3 type-A to type-C cable with securing mechanism USB type-A to type-C adapter, for connecting newer MacBook or ultra-book with type-C port, Remote control Wall mounting brackets and screws (for securing Soundbar).

It’s a plug-n-play device with updated drivers as our system did not ask for any driver for installing this solution. The installation and upgradation of the driver is pretty much automatic, as soon as you connect the device with the PC, the software starts upgrading.

The camera delivers a super sharp image with accurate colour up to 4K resolution. The VB342 uses high-quality sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest and most accurate colour ever.

The 94° wide angle camera without any distortion does 4X zoom. One can zoom in up to 4x minimal quality loss, ensuring a greater visibility.


This product is a new-generation solution for Home and Small Office Conferencing.

Good looking with some great camera vision rendering fine quality, polymer body and well-furnished body.

It looks a great package with Hartley Certification.

Tech Specifications:

  • It’s a dual system for Audio and Video.
  • It offers a constant audio for incoming voice cancelling noise
  • The PTZ camera sits in the centre comes with a rotary mechanism; can be controlled by remote and with a push-button. It carries a mic system that is very good in quality and accommodates multiple voices for a small conference hall.
  • It has multiple outputs i.e. AV, HDMI, SVIDEO, PC OUT, TV OUT, AV IN etc.
  • The camera covers a wide range of 165°; relatively good enough angle to cover multiple people sitting across the table.
  • The double side 5W speakers generate enough power to submerge the acoustics experience to the people engaged in conversation.
  • Ports on the back: DC power jack, USB type-C jack for PC, USB type-C jack for additional USB device, HDMI output to TV, 3.5mm phone-in jack for smartphone Expansion, microphone jack for Cable management.

How it works

If you have a smart TV, you can do Video conferencing using Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, facetime, Web Rtc, Adobe Connect, WhatsApp, etc.

A small office requiring Video conferencing options, AVER VB342 seems to be the best choice.


A well-furnished body, Good looks with some great Audio and Video features.

Overall, it looks like a great package, a small footprint product but with maximum utility.

For price and other models contact:

A&T Video Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Madurai. India.

Mobile: +91-9442619820


Source: http://www.smechannels.com/aver-vb342-video-soundbar/