Hangouts VC Standard is an affordable video conferencing kit for installation in small Conference rooms and Huddle Rooms of upto 8 people and syncs with enterprise level Google applications. The package includes the compact Chromebox codec, a 4 K high resolution camera with Digital zoom lens and a high-quality speaker phone with built in Acoustic Echo Cancellation. Hangouts VC Standard is part of the family of Hangouts VC Kits designed by A & T Video to make video conferencing simple and secure in large and small medium enterprise  Google Hangouts Video Conferencing kit comes with the updated features that breaks the boundaries of traditional video conferencing and helps companies continue to expand their Professional video collaboration to the huddle rooms. The conference camera and speaker microphone are optimized to deliver a next generation video communication experience among its users.

  • For Small Conference rooms and Huddle rooms
  • Small form factor codec with HDMI output
  • 4K High resolution 94° wide angle camera 4X Lossless Digital zoom Camera
  • 360° Microphone with echo cancellation & Bluetooth for mobile.
  • Range of more than 10 feet.

The Hangouts VC Standard comes with collection of benefits to its users, offering free video calling/screen sharing for 10 participants using the now familiar Google User Interface. The kit delivers simple and instant collaboration using Google Hangouts Video conferencing features. A user has to just log in using his Gmail account and access any documents to share while doing a Video meeting with remote participants. This improves team efficiency through real-time collaboration, making it the perfect choice for the modern workplace. Moreover a dedicated VC kit in the conference room avoids cluttering of cables, connecting laptops, cameras and mics in a conference room environment and helps in starting the meeting instantly.

With Hangouts Video Conferencing kits, set up an intuitive, powerful, and simple-to-use conference room system.

All hardware has been carefully selected to ensure flawless video, high quality integrated audio to work in sync with the Google features.

  • Type: Bluetooth/USB Speaker phone
  • Range: 3M diameter
  • Direction: Unidirectional
  • Type: Static Camera
  • Resolution: 4K 25fps
  • View Angle: 94°
  • Zoom: 4x digital