A 4K PTZ USB camera provides vivid lifelike video quality; accompanied by a high quality speakerphone that picks up crystal clear audio in the meeting room with no cable clutter, this is the AVer VC322 and it is the USB camera your meeting room is looking for. With its large FOV, everyone at the table is clearly visible. All you need is to plug in the camera and start a video collaboration with any video conferencing software or cloud service you’re familiar with.

The Perfect Choice for Huddle Rooms

A Real Face to Face Experience with the 4K PTZ Camera

Powerful Speakerphone with 360° Pickup

Large Field of View for Meeting Spaces

Just Plug-and-Play

Uniquely Compact Design

Easily puts all participants in clear focus. Furthermore, its sharp and compactly designed speakerphone makes sure everyone can hear and be heard.

Delivers ultra-sharp clarity with a lens that allows you to pan, tilt and zoom precisely without losing focus.

With an audio pickup range of 6m in diameter it completely optimizes your meeting experience.

No more frustration over camera controls or seating arrangements. Just focus on the meeting and let the camera do all the work.

Just plug and play, no more waiting for technicians to work on complicated settings.



Sensor: 1/2.5" Sony Exmor R™ 4K CMOS sensor
Frame rate: 4K 25fps; 1080p, 720p, 960x540, 848x480, 640x480, 640x360, 424x240, 320x240, 320x180 at 60, 30, 15 fps
Lens iris, focus, zoom: fixed


Microphones, 2 uni-directional microphones supporting 360° pick up in 6m diameter range
Volume adjustable to 90dB SPL at 1/2 meter peak

Remote control

3 camera presets

Hardware Requirements

2.4 GHz Intel® Core 2 Duo processor
2 GB RAM or more
USB 3.0 type A