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NCast PR Hydra

  • Audio, video and presentation recorder with multiple layout options and live – streaming capability
  • Perfectly suited for lecture or surgery recording and streaming
  • Multiple and comprehensive command and control systems with simple commands to record and stream
  • Auto-upload to up to two destinations including the NCast Presentation Server, YouTube, or USB storage
  • Three window capture with dual-screen recording and streaming
  • 1 Tb on-board internal storage
  • High-resolution, high frame-rate recording of 1080p at 60 frame/second
  • Three compression engines for highly efficient video compression and storage
  • Huddle rooms
  • Work from anywhere
  • Online classes and teaching
  • Small meeting rooms
  • Tele-consultation
  • Tele-medicine

PR-Hydra Rackmount

The PR-Hydra is the newest of NCast’s presentation recorder products. It is the first in the industry to record two full-screen layouts and create a composite layer. This portable video conference systems does this while also maintaining the ability to record and stream to a single screen side-by-side. The new PR-Hydra has three windows, which allows for streaming of three different views while retaining the high quality original recording.

Product Highlights

Three active windows

Use the three active windows to select various sources and display them as a dual-screen with synchronized playback and streaming.

Dual-screen recording & streaming

Use the two high-quality recordings to edit or reformat the content. The bit rate can be modified to better stream on a lower-resolution viewing device while still providing high-quality recording playback and streaming.

Select various inputs

One of the portable video conference systems, that record and stream the presentation from various input sources

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