They operate in various locations like Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. They have conducted numerous successful eye surgeries across the country.The eye doctors, eye surgeons, and ENT specialists from SCEH are well-trained professionals with decades of experience under their belts. SCEH consists of 6 Operation Theatres (OT).


These were some of the challenges faced by trainee doctors,

Surgeries were performed inside the operation theatre, which was not accessible for all medical students owing to safety precautions

⇒ Only ones inside the OT was able to have a closer look at the process while others were left out

⇒ The OT rooms were big enough to accommodate only the patient, surgeons and assisting staff and were not large enough to accommodate many trainees

⇒ There was also a major risk of spreading infections and diseases due to congestion inside the room

These challenges were predominant in the closed environment of the OT and budding doctors were deprived of the chance of the real experience inside an operation theatre.

Our Solution:

To overcome such difficulties, we incorporated our end-to-end solution called VOTIS (Virtual Operation Theatre Recording & Broadcasting System), which is the heart of Tele Surgery. VOTIS is an integrated (hardware and software) system that records surgical procedures inside an OT and broadcasts it to connected devices like TVs, projectors, etc. VOTIS amalgamates the surgery camera's recording, patient's data, and surgeon's audio and telecast itto any devices. It was able to record high-resolution surgery videos and live-stream these videos directly to the trainees, for them to watch and learn.

To establish VOTIS in SCEH we used four components: 

The Presentation Recorder: This device helps SCEH to record, store and stream surgery videos.  It has various inputs which allow the Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope to be connected directly to the recorder.  

The Audio System: For audio recording and transmissions, we used wireless microphones for both surgeons and students along with mixers and speakers. This allowed the surgeon and the students to interact during the procedure. 

The Control Room: Interactive displays and document visualizers were deployed for interaction purposes inside a control room.  The AV room has multiple display screens of 55 inches. This room, located within SCEH, is the nerve center from which surgeries can be viewed and live interactions can happen with the surgeon in the OT. 

The Gallery: A&T implemented software at SCEH that enables the hospital to easily index the recordings by type of surgery, department, doctor, specialization, etc.  The software then allows users to securely access the videos when needed.

The Recorder and the Audio system were mounted on a trolley that can be moved to any of the 6 OTs.  This allows SCEH to record and stream surgeries from any OT. 

The Result

With VOTIS, SCEH can securely live-stream operations all across the world.  Role-based access to the stream and the recorded videos allowed SCEH to retain patient confidentiality. User ID and password controls are used to ensure that only authorized users can access these videos with the given privileges like "View Only", "Download", etc. 

Plus VOTIS assists SCEH to record and archive the videos to be used in the future for conferences or teaching purposes. VOTIS facilitates Telesurgery by allowing two-way communication between the surgeons and the trainees. 

SCEH can use these operation videos for presentations in classes for medical students.  Since the Ophthalmic Microscope is connected directly to the recorder, the students can watch and note down granular details very clearly. 

It took us around one month to install VOTIS in SCEH by working with a team of four (installation, commissioning, training, etc).


By using VOTIS for telesurgery, SCEH was finally able to overcome the difficulties of recording and broadcasting operation videos to their trainee doctors. All the trainees were able to watch the surgery from their classrooms without the need to crowd around the surgery table. Plus, they were able to watch every single detail. By recording videos they can watch it again and again to clarify any doubts they may have. Surgeons can explain the procedures more accurately. VOTIS helps trainees to experience what exactly happens inside an operation theatre thus helping them to gain practical knowledge.




Client Testimonial:

 "The VOTIS Solution deployed by A & T is stable and easy to use. The images and audio recordings are crystal clear."

Taufique Alam

Manager IT



Client Testimonial:

 "The VOTIS Solution deployed in our OT has become the mainstay of our learning and development program. Besides, our surgeons can collaborate with experts much more effectively."

Parul Dotta

Associate Medical Director

HOD, Department of Anaesthesia