One of the premier educational institutes, exclusively for women based out of South India, the College made its humble genesis in 1948. It has current student strength of about 5000, both day scholars and hosteliers. The college, spread over an area of 4 acres, currently offers undergraduate, postgraduate, M.Phil., Diploma and other certificate courses  


The educational Institution had to face the following challenges in their premises:

  • The clarity of the output images from the existing surveillance was poor.
  • Tracking movement of students across the campus including the hostels was a challenge.
  • Tracking movement of vehicles and visitors with recording to prevent unauthorized access and detection was not available.
  • Too many cumbersome wiring and cables installed by electricians instead of certified AV installers led to frequent disruption of the legacy CCTV system.
  • Remote view was not available.
  • Playback video speed was too low.
  • Assuring safety of students especially the hosteliers was at a low dismal quotient.


The educational institution approached A&T Video to overcome all the challenges faced in their current installation. A&T suggested shift from analog cameras to digital cameras and installed Surveillance Camera in Two phases. The first phase installation was done with 76 cameras and Phase II with 119 Cameras.

Technology: IP Camera, Network Video Recorder (NVR), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) – Switching & Routing


The installation of IP cameras and NVR were done by assigning IP address to all the cameras by connecting with the existing networks with separate VLAN, without affecting their existing functionality. Switching and Routing configuration is done in their switches in order to view the video through any Personal Computers in the institution with the restricted video viewing access provided to Admin. The admin has a provision to access the video anytime. An audio enabled HD IP Solution installed near the Principal Room has been provisioned to make sure that any unforeseen or threatening situation can be recorded and used as a proof later.

With this set-up it is made sure that the installed cameras cover all the areas within the campus and do not leave any blind spots. NVR has been provided with the right sizing to store all the cameras recording for 45 days. The video is recorded on a first-in-first out basis. The videos that have crossed 45 days are moved to their Cloud storage manually/automatically  by the Admin to access later.


The Institute can now gain access to quality image and video with high resolution IP Cameras. It facilitated easy tracking of students and visitors movements within the college premises. The live video is available for 24/7 and the recorded video can also be viewed from any part of the world using an App/Software installed in the Mobile or Laptop based on user rights. The streaming of playback video is  lively. Since fewer cables, were used it helped the institution to save cost and manage easily. The infrastructure provided has enabled the environment completely safe for the women students. It is also helping the management to always stay vigilant and keeping an eye on student behavior.


Thus, with the integrated surveillance system installed in the college campus, every corner in and around is under surveillance and detailed activity is being recorded irrespective of odd hours realizing the objective of protection of students and staff, monitoring student behavior and visitors.

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