Education institutions today need external resources, experts, and guests to deliver lectures and special addresses to enable the students gain vital indepth knowedge and exposure. Sometimes, lectures can be delivered to multiple classrooms from one classroom within a campus to accomodate many students to benefit. Classrooms can be enabled with Video conferencing technology poperly integrated with audio systems to attain this objective. 

From a simple system consisting of software based video conferencing and mics, displays and speakers to a state of the art dedicted hardware Video conferencing system with automated Control System, Motion and Voice based auto tracking features suitable for large classrooms / seminar halls / auditorium, a virtual classroom system can enable receiving and interacting lectures from remote lecturers or within multiple classrooms in a campus.

The System can be designed with dedicated hardware video conferencing system or On Premise based software system. Cloudline Cloud based multi site video conferencing service enables a hybrid deployment on Premise as well as Cloud. 

The automated control system benefits the lecturer to control all equipments from a touch panel on the Digital Podium. The affordably designed Digital Podium is functionally effective. The auto tracking system enables focusing, Tracking, Displaying and Transmitting Lecturers movement on the dais as well as Students' interaction with the lecturer.

The virtual classroom sessions could also be enhanced to a lecture capture and streaming system.