We Conform to CII’S

Ethical Model Code of Conduct

Accurate Books and Record

The company will maintain accurate accounts and records which reflect the true and fair picture of the company's affairs in compliance with accepted accounting principles and standards for financial reporting.

Bribery and Corruption

The Company will prohibit bribery in any form in all its business dealings and will maintain strong controls to prevent and detect improper payments. The Company shall comply with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws and report unaccounted cash or suspicious transactions.

Fair and Equitable Treatment

The Company shall not unfairly discriminate on the basis of race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability. The Company shall not tolerate harassment, whether sexual, verbal, physical or psychological against any employee.

Health and Safety

The Company shall provide a safe, clean and healthy work environment.
Quality of Goods and Services The Company shall strive to ensure that its products and services meet the legally required safety and quality standards.

Environment and Society

The Company shall strive to be a good corporate citizen by promoting social welfare activities, promoting sustainability and minimizing the adverse impact of company operations on the environment.