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Effective, scalable, and cost-effective systems for presenting rich content, our recorders have revolutionized presentation streaming with automation, ease of use and accessibility.


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connecting you across space and time

connecting you across space and time

connecting you across space and time

connecting you across space and time

connecting you across space and time

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What video conferencing platforms do A & T cameras support?

There are several popular video conferencing streaming platforms, including:

Zoom: A cloud-based platform that allows for video and audio conferencing, as well as screen sharing and virtual backgrounds.

Microsoft Teams: A collaboration platform that includes video and audio conferencing, as well as chat and file sharing.

Google Meet: A video conferencing platform from Google that allows for real-time video, audio, and screen sharing.

Thus A&T recorders and streamers will provide you HD video conferencing solutions for all the above platforms.

2. Explain surgery recording and streaming

The process of recording and broadcasting real-time video of surgical procedures is referred to as “surgery recording and streaming.” This HD video conferencing solutions can be used for educational purposes, such as training medical students or providing continuing education for practicing surgeons, or for quality assurance and research purposes. There are a number of different methods for recording and streaming surgery, including using cameras in the operating room, remote broadcasting from a separate control room, and streaming the footage online. When recording and streaming procedures, it’s essential to maintain patient confidentiality and security.

3. What is lecture capturing?

Lecture capture is the process of recording audio and video of a live lecture or presentation, typically in a classroom or conference setting which provides HD video conferencing solutions for the students or attendees. The recordings can be made accessible online using a variety of tools, including a learning management system used by an institution or a website for storing videos. The recordings can include the presenter’s audio, video of the presenter and any visual aids used during the presentation. Students can use this technology to review the information, which can be particularly helpful for those who missed the live lecture or who wish to review the material ahead of an exam.
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