Lecture Capture

State of the Art Digital Studio with acoustics and lighting to capture Multimedia Lectures and Guest Lectures (or regular classroom set up) and create Digital content as well as to stream live for access to students enrolled in Distance Education programs at Distance classes or from their homes.


As a step towards providing high level of education by the educational institutions,  The educational institution invites guest faculty to address and educate the students. And such institutions require more number of students to participate in those lectures. But face challenges in fitting too many students in one Seminar Hall that were not designed to meet the excess seating capacity, repetition of the same lecture was another challenge and building up of the curriculum of these lectures was another major challenge . 

A&T Solution

A&T Video Networks to designs a solution that enables the institution to both stream a video of the lecture and provide it on-demand to students to view at any time later.

A&T has been providing audio/ video and Lecture Capturing solutions since 1999, we can design an optimum solution for the educational institution.  We work closely with client to implement the three pillars of a successful lecture capture solution:

  • Technology:Networks, hardware, software, audio & video equipment
  • Space:Lecture hall interiors & environment
  • Content:integration of the lecture video and voice, laptop presentation, 3D objects, microscope images, whiteboard writing and info-graphics


Capture: several multimedia feeds like interactive sessions, computer presentations and video and audio systems.

Compose: these feeds with PiP into a single multimedia lecture

Deliver: the lecture live anywhere on campus or over the Internet

Archive: the lectures for on-demand viewing, and

Manage: the content centrally for online/offline viewing.

Webcast: the session live by uploading to your web server.

Collaborate: with multiple classrooms within and outside campus


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