Smart Classroom

A smart classroom changes the very basics of the way classes are conducted in a classroom.  With innovative techniques to make presentations, share videos and deliver clear audio, the Smart Classroom enables students to learn in their own individual way. 


  • Standard blackboard based, instructor led classrooms have become boring.
  • A plethora of information available digitally cannot be used in a regular classroom
  • Some students learn better with videos
  • Today’s students are used to smart phones and interact better with similar environments.
  • Hence the classroom has to adapt and adopt such techniques

A&T Solution

  • A&T integrates a number of technologies to create a classroom that provides a true immersive experience for both teachers and students.
  • An interactive display or projector allows teachers and students to learn is a manner they are used to 
  • Acoustically designed speaker placement ensure that all students in the room get crystal clear audio 
  • Document cameras allow teachers to share slides and photographs which are not available digitally
  • Teacher tracking cameras allow lectures to be captured digitally even if the lecturer is moving around the class


Coming Soon....


  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Document Camera
  • Interactive Touch Display Podium
  • Speaker
  • Amplifier
  • Audio Mixer