Whether an educator or business professional, Nudgis makes it easy for you to create engaging video content and digital libraries that enhance learning. It is intuitive and user-friendly and includes a wide range of features.

Nudgis Features

Create digital libraries

Access a single repository of all lecture videos

Introduce social learning 

Allows students and teachers to interact on pre-recorded videos making learning more engaging

Repeated viewing of recorded videos 

Enhance student performance with better revision

Large-scale live streaming

Reach large and remote audiences to deliver important lectures live

Personalized notes and comments 

Students can make private notes and comments on videos to improve understanding of the subject

Auto & Manual Indexing

Automatically indexed videos make it easy to search for the right topic

Micro-content Learning

Long lectures can be trimmed into small topic-focused videos

Easy search 

OCR technology captures keywords from text in the video and allows students to easily search for relevant content across the digital library

Detailed analytics 

Allows teachers to understand what students like and dislike, enabling them to improve their teaching methodology

Secure access 

Restrict access to students based on their year or subject of study

Karnavati University, Gujarat

Nudgis is a video management platform from UbiCast, France that is hosted and managed in India by A&T Video Networks. It helps educational institutes create digital libraries of lectures.


Currently, Ubicast is recording lectures from over 100 classrooms and the results have been overwhelmingly positive from the college.


We’ve compiled a short case study about our education video conferencing collaboration with Karnavati University, Gujarat, to show you how effective this has been.
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