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Wireless Collaboration System


  • Aircast connects you to room devices like cameras, mics, speakers, sound bars and displays.
  • Hybrid meetings easy, with just one click
  • Interactive touchback & annotation features
  • Dual Wi-Fi Network
  • Number of Simultaneous Connections – 16
  • Number of Window Simultaneous On Screen – 4+12(4 main windows+12 thumbnail windows)
  • USB Dongle – HDMI & TYPE C Options available
  • Smart Classroom
  • Training Room
  • Conference Room

AirCast – Experience the Power of Wireless Collaboration!


  • Elevate your meetings and presentations with AirCast, the ultimate solution for productive and efficient communication.
  • Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to a seamless, wireless BYOD/BYOM [Bring your own device/Bring your own meeting] experience!

Wireless collaboration for meeting spaces

  • Multi-device support: Effortlessly connect up to 16 devices simultaneously, enabling efficient teamwork and seamless sharing of ideas. With AirCast, collaboration has never been this smooth.

User friendly

  • Amplify connectivity: AirCast comes equipped with 3x USB Type A 3.0 & 1x USB Type C interfaces, providing a versatile collaboration experience. Connect various devices and peripherals with ease.

  • Interactive touch & annotation features: Engage with your content like never before! With AirCast, you can annotate and interact directly on the screen, fostering active participation and dynamic discussions.

Hybrid meetings easy for employees and guests

  • Dual Wi-Fi Network: Enjoy the flexibility of having two dedicated Wi-Fi networks, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted connection. Experience smooth video conferences without interruptions.

  • Discover the freedom of wireless collaboration with AirCast and make your presentations more engaging and interactive, and watch your ideas come to life!
  • Join the wireless revolution today and revolutionize the way you collaborate with AirCast!
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