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A new passion “Technology”

Is digital transformation video collaboration apt for all kind of business?

The “new normal” has taught us a lot in terms of dealing with digital technology.  One of the most important lessons is to realise the most appropriate digital transformation for your organisation. For some, it is a case of digitizing employee and customer engagement, for others it includes innovation in user experience – the list of possibilities are endless.  But video collaboration has become one of the fastest growing transformations over the past 2 years.

Across enterprise size, domain and geographical spread, the need for an integrated communication system has been felt like never before.  Enterprises are in the process of reinventing the operations so that it shakes hands with AV technology.

The new normal has taught us a lot in terms of dealing with digital technology

Krishnamoorthy K RBusiness Head - Video Conferencing

Innovating video tech spaces for Enterprises

  • Video collaboration innovations complement business meetings and helps in building professional relationships.
  • Enterprise video conferencing facilitates engaging workers, collaborating across various locations, improved visual communication and, as a result, increased productivity.
  • Many businesses receive calls from various locations, however with the video technology it adds a personalized touch to meetings.
  • Video conferencing aids in the integration of distant employees into the workplace environment, making them feel more connected to their co-workers.

Make your world flatter

As work-from-anywhere becomes more accepted, high quality collaboration is the only solution to enable your employees and customers to feel more engaged and integrated into the system.

Many enterprises have reconfigured their office spaces to encourage video collaboration more than physically being in office.  Huddle rooms have been created for quick and easy meetings.  Conference rooms have sprung up where earlier there were workstations.  And employees expect amazing experiences.

So what makes the difference between good and great experiences?

Five pointers for great video collaboration experiences

 Initially, working from anywhere is not so easy as all are habituative from working in an office. But now a days video conferencing is more likely to become the most preferred mode.

for business meetings and remote working. Our improved video collaboration experience with easy set-up minimum maintenance and maximum reliability provides crystal clear video and audio compatible with all cloud VC applications.

Add a professional touch to your huddle room!

Realistic video and audio

Seeing facial expressions of remote participants – not just blurry images of people – and hearing their exasperated sighs will go a long way in improving the video collaboration experience.

Highly reliable connectivity

How many times have we heard “can you see me?” or “can you repeat what you just said – there was too much echo”.  When your teammates are able to have high quality meetings, every time, you’ll find their happiness levels improving along with their productivity.

Automation that makes life easy

Whether it is wireless screen sharing, adjusting the room lighting, or even turning the display on – everything can be automated.  And they come at a cost. Define what is absolutely required and fits into your budget.

A clutter free space improves performance

Wires running all around, AV equipment that occupy half the desk space and similar distractions can massively disrupt your meetings.  Get systems that create clutter free meeting rooms and you’ll find your people wanting to do more video collaborations than in-person meetings.

Cover all participants

One of the most oversold and underused features of video conferencing cameras is speaker tracking for conference rooms – but more on this later.  There are much more practical features to look for – like auto-framing that eliminates empty spaces and pre-sets that allow you to focus on any specific place.  So make sure your video conferencing camera fits all participants into one frame.

And so…?

Well, a lot depends on your nature of work.  A Manufacturing plant may not use video collaboration as widely as, say, s software development firm.

But, want to save money on travel?  Want to save commute time?  Want to make the planet a greener place?

Look for ways to increase video collaboration across your organisation.  AV technology has grown by leaps and bounds.  You’ll find the right solution that is designed just for you.

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