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This article will help you decide the best video conferencing camera for your organization

Video Conferencing offers many benefits to almost all kinds of organizations.  Whether you’re an educational institute, an enterprise, a hospital, or even a manufacturing plant, deploying video conferencing can lead to many benefits including saving time and money.

One of the most important components is the VC camera.  In the interest of keeping the article short, I am not giving full details – you can reach out to [email protected] for further details.  You can also visit for more information

So, what is the best video conferencing camera for you?


Room size – There are different cameras for each type of room

  • For huddle rooms – web cameras or simple USB cameras will do
  • For small meeting rooms – consider deploying video soundbars or fixed USB cameras
  • For larger meeting rooms – it is recommended to deploy PTZ cameras that can focus on specific areas of the room

Usage – cameras are designed for specific purposes

  • For enterprise VC, look for cameras with features like auto-framing which capture all participants in the room
  • For educational institutes – features like lecture tracking are the most important
  • For healthcare and hospitals – look for cameras which provide excellent video clarity


Cost is not everything – look for value.  Cheap cameras could prove expensive in terms of bad experiences during the VC.  Very expensive cameras can lead to delayed ROI and hence reluctance by management to expand the deployment.

Look for cameras that give value in terms of reliability, quality and additional features like integration capabilities.

A&T Video Networks has been providing advanced video conferencing products and solutions for 25 years.  To learn more, you can visit or contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91 94426 19821

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