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Video conferencing has been hailed as a potential game-changer for healthcare. It is important to realize, telemedicine should be viewed as an add-on rather than a replacement for face-to-face healthcare.

If you are interested in implementing a telemedicine setup, first you need to choose a video conferencing platform that is reliable and has good quality. There are many benefits of using video conferencing in telemedicine which include

  1. Healthcare coverage even in remote or rural areas
  2. Reduced travel time and costs
  3. Increased flexibility
  4. Improved communication
  5. Reduced risk of infection

How to choose the right video conferencing product for your telemedicine needs?

When it comes to video conferencing for telemedicine, here are a few key factors to keep in mind.

  1. The quality of the video: It is crucial to check the camera frame rate because it is important that your patients are able to see you clearly. The frame rate is the number of frames per second that the video is captured at.  A higher frame rate will result in a smoother, more realistic video.


  1. Easy Mounting: As a user, you will undoubtedly be using this product in a clinical setting.  This means that it is important to consider the ease of use and the ability to mount quickly when choosing the best video conferencing product.


  1. Audio quality: If your patients can’t hear you, it will spoil their overall experience.  Invest in good microphones and speakers so that audio quality is not compromised.


  1. Internet bandwidth: Any telemedicine setup requires internet bandwidth – and we all know the reality of bandwidth in rural areas. Always consider where you will be providing telemedicine coverage.  If you plan to cover remote or rural areas, make sure your video conferencing systems support various internet speeds.


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