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Students learn better when teaching takes place in all possible modes – visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic (involving simulations) – in short, VARK learning styles. From this perspective, the traditional classroom settings offer limited scope for learning, as they are primarily based on lectures, essentially, an auditory medium. This holds true especially for educational institutions in developing countries like India.

But with the advent of hybrid learning systems and ‘phygital’ classrooms, the delivery of education is fast undergoing a veritable transformation. Today, education can be the case of ‘everything, everywhere, and all at once’ – as lectures can go digital and can be enriched in multiple ways.

Partnering with France’s UbiCast, a global leader in hybrid learning solutions and Video as a Service (VaaS), A&T Video Networks is ushering in hybrid learning in India. The partnership is helping institutions of all hues and colours to unleash the potential of VARK learning styles mediums and improve learning outcomes of students and productivity of teaching staff. By putting classrooms
on UbiCast’s Edutech platform, A&T enables teachers to deliver lectures making use of visuals and other forms of multimedia content. They can share hyperlinks to external content, and deliver interactive lectures using simulations. This single platform empowers teachers to conduct in-person, completely remote or hybrid classes – in short, it is a “phygital” platform for
educational institutions.

Even as they do, their lectures are recorded. And students can access lectures – and all other materials, from wherever they are. Besides, they can interact with teachers on the pre-recorded video, in real time and take personal notes. The lecture videos along with external content, teacher’s comments and the student’s own personal notes are all stored online which the students can access privately, on any device, anytime.

The partnership, which came into being in 2021, is helping Indian institutions avail customised and affordable solutions to capture and record rich media video lectures. The solution can be on-premise or a Cloud service. Since UbiCast’s solution is hosted in a data centre in Mumbai no data leaves the Indian shores.

As a solution provider, A&T tailor-makes solutions for the requirements of each institution. The entire interface can be presented in local language – for instance, a Sanskrit college can have all the menus in the system appear in Sanskrit. Access rights can be configured following an institution’s workflow.

A significant aspect of the solution is A&T’s high-end cameras and speakers that ensure that lectures are recorded with maximum clarity. The advanced features of A&T cameras can track the teachers as they walk around in the classroom while giving the lectures. The new way of hybrid teaching is gaining traction in India. A&T is getting reputed institutions in India – such as
Karnavati University of Gujarat, onboard.

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