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Say ‘Bonjour’ to Nudgis, Ubicast, France’s Smart Video Platform with A&T’s One-Touch Recorder Solution 

Educational institutions always know that recording the best lectures of their faculties makes sense, as lectures remain the most effective mode of teaching, even as digital and AI technologies flex muscles to upend traditional classrooms. Recent research indicates that, retention rates in a lecture is roughly 5% – but this increases to 35% when students review recorded lectures.

However, capturing lectures is just one piece of the solution. To make them useful for students, the lecture videos should be made easily accessible – from anywhere and with any device. And be enriched with hyperlinks, rich media, and comments so as to enhance student engagement. Data security too is non-negotiable, as lecture videos are great intellectual properties.

The requirements of video-based teaching and learning can thus have many dimensions. Hence, procuring a few hardware – say cameras, and microphones, and storing the videos in an external drive alone will not serve the purpose. Rather, it calls for a comprehensive platform.

Enter the era of Nudgis from Ubicast 

Say ‘bonjour’ to Nudgis from Ubicast, a smart video platform from France and world’s leading video platform for teaching and learning.  It offers a wide range of solutions for educational institutions and enterprises. Lecture videos can be made during class or in a dedicated studio or by uploading pre-recorded videos or embedding videos from other popular platforms. Livestream of classes or video conferences too can be done seamlessly.

Ubicast lets institutions create unique learning experiences for their students by giving them access to the course material enriched with automatic slide detection, OCR, speech to text features and activities. As the content resides on the cloud, students are able to watch and re-watch them and learn at their own rhythm.  Easy search functions enables students to find terms or precise moments of interest thanks to Nudgis’s smart indexing system. The video lectures can become even more valuable over time with time-stamped comments, attachments, pictures and conversations from generations of students.

Nudgis can be customized for each teacher. They can connect students across various campuses into one virtual class; create micro content and make videos interactive by easily editing recorded videos and adding polls, quizzes, and external content. Teachers can also share different media types like videos, audio clips, presentations, and more with students.

Nudgis has been used in other applications too.  Hospitals are using Nudgis to store and retrieve recording of surgeries and patient/ doctor consultations.  This has helped not just hospitals improve intra and post-operative outcomes but has also helped medicos in their Continuing Medical Education programs.  Enterprises have deployed Nudgis in their learning & development centers.  Nudgis has become an invaluable tool during induction programs, enabling employees to go through pre-recorded training sessions – helping them be better prepared for their jobs.

A&T’s midas touch  

A&T Video Networks, India’s authorized partner for Ubicast, provides matchless technical support for educational institutions and enterprises in the areas of installation, customization, and after-sale support. The company has set up an exclusive data centre in Mumbai to ensure that the content of its clients does not leave the Indian shores.

With Astra Pro, a world-class recording and streaming system, A&T presents a completely integrated hardware and software solution that is easy to deploy and manage. There is no need for bulky hardware or complex settings and lengthy procedures. All it takes is a single touch to start recording and streaming lectures.

Since, Astro Pro supports protocols like HLS and RTMPS, it facilitates the integration of various media and technologies – such as interactive displays, external videos, document projectors, digital tabs and other AV systems, into one seamless experience.

In the past two years, A&T has helped several esteemed colleges and universities – besides corporate houses, embrace Ubicast. The clients include Karnavati University, IIT – Madras, and NIT – Trichy. Besides, India’s top healthcare institutions, such as Aravind Eye Hospital, are on Ubicast. Together, there are more than 10,000 hours of lectures and 5000 hours of surgeries recorded .  A&T and Ubicast partnership thus mean that training and learning based on video lectures is easy, engaging and completely secure.

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