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What do you see when you visualize a conference room?

Typically, a large polished oval table, surrounded by ergonomic chairs, adorned with microphones, notepads, and pens. And as for equipment, ceiling-mounted projector, a laptop on the desk, and a large LED display on one of the walls. Technology, like video conferencing equipment, are present for remote collaboration.

And yes, you also find all the electric wires and data cables lying on the floor or creeping over the walls, connecting various devices. If yes, you have just pictured a conference room begging for an urgent upgrade.

Go wireless

While cables have remained inseparable with conference rooms all these years, time has come for the idea of a clutter-free and an accommodative conference rooms. The enabler is wireless audio/video solutions. Whether it is for presentations or video conferencing, there is absolutely no need for a single piece of cable. A single presenter with one device or multiple presenters with different devices, everyone can still have a seamless ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ experience too.

A&T’s wireless solutions

As a pioneer and a market leader, we at A&T Video Networks bring you all the components that go into making a wireless conference room easy, effective, and affordable. Our Made-in-India product portfolio features: AIR speakerphones, KLICK web cameras, IKON audio/video bar, and AirCast wireless hub.

  • The AIR series of wireless speakerphones is Bluetooth and dongle-enabled, and has an 8-mic array, featuring AI noise reduction.
  • KLICK is considered the world’s smallest PTZ camera. Sporting a 12X/10X optical zoom and 16X digital zoom Full HD camera, it is renowned for capturing high-quality images and details in the conference room.
  • IKON combines a 4K Ultra HD camera with powerful speakers and microphones, making it a complete solution for small conference rooms or executive offices in business video conferencing systems. Its built-in intelligent speaker tracking enables the camera to follow the speaker in the room. With a wide-angle view of 120°, it ensures that all persons in the room fit into the frame, ensuring no one in the group is missed out.
  • A wireless meeting room solution for high-quality video conferencing, AirCast enables up to 16 simultaneous connections. It features an analog audio output, LAN port, USB interfaces, and a WiFi antenna.

When integrated with video calling applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, A&T’s wireless products provide a comprehensive representation of the seamless and intuitive experience that defines smart wireless video conferencing.

Connecting any device to the network is effortless, eliminating the need for cables and wires. Setting up one’s own meetings requires no tech support, and the process takes no more than 30 seconds.

Three distinct bundles

We provide various options within our product groups to cater to your specific needs. We also offer three distinct bundles of wireless communication solutions, each tailored to meet different requirements.

Description Components Suitable for
Bundle I

●     AIR 200

●     KICK U1

●     AirCast

(conference room in terms of size, participants, etc – to be filled by the technical team)
Bundle II

●     AIR 200

●     KLICK U2

●     AirCast

(conference room in terms of size, participants, etc – to be filled by the technical team)
Bundle III

●     Air 200

●     AirCast

●     IKON 150/200/300

(conference room in terms of size, participants, etc – to be filled by the technical team)

Why Made in India

Our products, proudly made in India, match the quality, ease of use, and features of top-notch imported solutions. With over 25 years of presence as a pioneer in the Indian market, we leverage our extensive experience to craft solutions that perfectly align with your specific requirements. As both product design and manufacturing take place locally, our products boast cost competitiveness, offering savings of anywhere from 30% to 40% in comparison to similar products that are either imported or rely on imported core components.

Surveys point out that if you’re a middle manager, you will likely spend about 35% of your time in meetings –  and if you’re in upper management, the figure can go up to 50%. Your meetings are increasingly happening online – especially, in an BYOD and BYOM environment. Hence, it is time to reimagine conference rooms as clutter free spaces for productive meetings.

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