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A smart classroom makes learning much more engaging and far more interactive – above all, highly inclusive as it can cater to the students of different learning styles—visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic

The solution achieves this by converging advances in various digital technologies in the realms of content, networking, software and hardware.

Add to it a range of internet and communication technologies, you get what is now becoming popular as hybrid or phygital classrooms that enable real-time collaboration, discussions, and access to educational resources, regardless of the location of the students.

No institution would want to miss out on these advances or overlook the opportunities they provide for improving learning outcomes. However, setting up and running a smart or hybrid classroom often becomes a nightmare when it involves weaving together a range of diverse systems and services from multiple brands and vendors. The main challenge lies in ensuring compatibility, which is essential for the smooth functioning of an inherently disparate solution.

Hence, having products of a single make can offer a huge difference. A&T Video Networks scores high in this regard, as we design and manufacture all the core components of a smart and hybrid classroom solution: video conference cameras, speaker phones, headphones, video soundbars, recorders & streamers, and wireless collaboration systems. Further, our products come in wide ranges to fit different needs and classroom sizes.

Made for the AI era, our solutions feature:


  • Face-tracking cameras: Teachers don’t have to worry about going out of the camera’s focus, when they change their sitting position or walk across the podium. The AI-enabled sensor ensures that they are always seen and heard.
  • Interactive display: The. touch screen provides an engaging user experience, enabling seamless and intuitive interaction with content through direct touch and multi-touch gestures.
  • Single-touch lecture recording: The entire system comes to life with a single touch. Absolutely no need for any tech support. It’s truly plug and play!

Besides, A&T Video Networks adds-on several unique solutions to make the idea of smart/hybrid classrooms an exciting proposition for the students. They include:

Cloud lectures: As the authorised partner for Ubicast in India, one of the world’s largest private video platforms for teaching and learning, we can capture, edit, enhance, index as well as store lectures on the cloud. The platform is hosted by A&T in a Tier IV data centre in Mumbai. Post recording it is possible for teachers to make changes to their videos, and provide rules-based access to students.  Post lecture revision with the recorded video has been known to enhance retention by up to 30%.

3D content: We have tie-ups with edutech companies that provide 3D content for school subjects for all classes/grades that boost the rate of engagement and their learning outcomes of students.

Thus, we simplify smart and hybrid classroom solutions by providing end-to-end solutions and taking ownership for the entire value chain.  Lecturers find it easier to deliver better and more interactive lectures, whilst students benefit hugely in terms of improved performance in exams.  As a result, the brand image of the institute is raised to a much higher level.

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