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Video conferencing is not a new technology. It has been around for over a decade, and there are multiple solutions available with different features and functionality to meet the service needs of businesses. 

However, for Video collaboration to be effective, great after-sales support is one of the most important factors to be considered. Once the user has a bad experience, it will create a feeling of reluctance to use VC. 

Many organizations are ready to adopt VC products and solutions but consistent failure of the product or poor quality of video and audio can create resistance from the users. 

Hence, while choosing a video conferencing provider, check out the quality of their post-sales customer support.  There are many channels available to provide support – but the two that are gaining traction with the user community are: 

Live video chat support:

This can be perfect for minor technical glitches such as freezing of video, poor audio quality, USB cable connectivity, firmware updation, etc. These potential issues can be easily solved by live video support. Live support provides instant solutions compared to typical phone conversations and emails. 

On-site support:

Complex hardware issues and product damages can be only resolved by in-person visits – hence this is the most popular among customers. However, we should understand, delivering support at our doorstep doesn’t mean it is the best solution, and oftentimes, it may delay resolution. 

Chat support:

Often under-rated, chat support can be one of the best methods to resolve customer complaints.  Instant or automated responses using bots linked to resolution knowledge bases and similar features can be the best method to resolve complaints.

In conclusion, it’s no surprise that every Video Collaboration system experiences a few problems. I believe a good customer support team will value your time, provide knowledgeable resources, ease your worries, help you have great video collaboration experiences. They will also be able to provide you with a complete range of products and solutions.

At A&T Video Networks we lay great emphasis on superlative post-sales support.  We believe in customer delight and our support team continuously strives to achieve this.

You can reach out to for further details.  You can also visit for more information.

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