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A smart training or induction program makes learning much more engaging, interactive, and inclusive. Such programs can cater to various learning styles—visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic. 

By converging advances in digital technologies across content, networking, software, and hardware, smart/hybrid infrastructure facilitates a modern learning environment.

Embracing Hybrid Training Environments

Hybrid, or “phygital,” training environments leverage internet and communication technologies to enable real-time collaboration, discussions, and access to educational resources, regardless of the trainees’ locations. No organization wants to miss out on these advances or overlook the opportunities they provide for improving training outcomes. However, setting up and running a smart or hybrid training program can be challenging when it involves integrating diverse systems and services from multiple brands and vendors. Ensuring compatibility for smooth functioning is crucial.

A Unified Approach with A&T Video Networks

A unified approach with products from a single manufacturer can make a significant difference. A&T Video Networks excels in this regard by designing and manufacturing all core components of a smart and hybrid training solution, including video conference cameras, speaker phones, headphones, video soundbars, recorders & streamers, and wireless collaboration systems. Our products come in a variety of ranges to fit different needs and training room sizes.

Made for the AI era, our solutions feature


  • Face-tracking cameras: Instructors don’t have to worry about going out of the camera’s focus when they change positions. The AI-enabled sensor ensures they are always seen and heard.
  • Interactive display: The touch screen provides an engaging user experience, enabling seamless and intuitive interaction with content through direct touch and multi-touch gestures.
  • Single-touch video recording: The entire system is activated with a single touch, eliminating the need for tech support. It’s truly plug-and-play!

Innovative Solutions for Better Engagement

A&T Video Networks also offers several unique solutions to enhance the smart/hybrid training experience:

Cloud Training:

As the authorized partner for Ubicast in India, we provide a platform to capture, edit, enhance, index, and store lectures on the cloud. Hosted in a Tier IV data center in Mumbai, this platform allows instructors to modify videos post-recording and provide rule-based access to trainees. Post-training revision with recorded videos can enhance retention by up to 30%.

3D content:

We have partnerships with edutech companies to provide 3D content for training subjects, boosting engagement and learning outcomes.

By providing end-to-end solutions and taking ownership of the entire value chain, A&T Video Networks simplifies the implementation of smart and hybrid training programs. Instructors can deliver more interactive and effective sessions, while trainees benefit from improved performance and engagement. This not only enhances the training outcomes but also elevates the organization’s brand image.

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